Whimsical and Wishful

Sophie, aspiring poet, continuously amazed by God's love for me and you.

"That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?"

"You might be broken, but you are not damaged goods. You aren’t any less valuable than those who consider themselves ‘whole’. So please don’t sell yourself short. Don’t let anyone buy you at half price, then return you a week later with more damage than you had before."

S.T.G., some broken people do need fixing


If you have lost yourself,
or don’t know who you are
anymore, remember these
three things:

i. you are human. you have
blood and a heart that beats
every second just to keep
you alive. if it gave up on you
like you want it to, you’d be
long dead by now.

ii. at one point you were the
size of a pea in your mother’s
stomach. you grew like a
beautiful plant, without anyone
telling you how to. you can grow
again without permission.

iii. the earth is a big, big planet
but I promise atleast one person
is waiting to meet you, share
crappy popcorn with you, and
wander these lonely streets with you.


S.T.G., for the lost

"The best way to describe us: We were written down, but never published. We were saved as a draft, and people only think of finishing a draft once it’s all too late."

S.T.G., save as draft

A sign hangs over
these hearts: “Antiques”

The woman at the
register says they
haven’t been used
for years, but they
still beat and work
like normal hearts.
Just a little slower.

Some of them are
bruised and some even
graffitied, and I imagine
someone out there is looking
for them.. but the woman assures
me these were the ones
nobody wanted,
the rejects.

turn me inside out and you
will see I’m hiding nothing;
I’m unarmed. Only a few
memories still stay in the
palace of my mind. They
are special, but there’s room
for you there, too. I will always
make room for you.

"I made an enemy
of myself and
attracted more

I befriended
myself and
a lifelong

Noor ShirazieYou are the friends you keep. (via aestheticintrovert)

do you ever just want to talk to someone about something, but don’t know how to go about it, so you just forget about it altogether?


Looking at a
blank calendar,
you might just see
dates and holidays

but what you do
not see is all the potential
that lies before you -

the memories and
the people that will
seem to color the days
you thought would be the
most ordinary.


S.T.G., calendars