Whimsical and Wishful

Sophie, aspiring poet, continuously amazed by God's love for me and you.

"The one thing
I will always
regret, is that I
didn’t think I was
worthy enough
to love you."

— words he will never hear, STG.


We were dancing to
a song in the moment,
I didn’t know how to dance
but you led me anyway
you twirled me around
as I spun and saw all
the beauty around me -
soft faces and kindred hearts

but when I turned back,
you weren’t there.


— some people are only here to teach you how to love until you can do it on your own, STG


I fell in love with
the boy who didn’t
love me
and that’s where
it all went wrong.

I set my heart on
something nonexistent -
something I could
never have in the first place.


— Lesson learned, STG

I open a novel
and collapse inside
the pages

my heart slips in
between the sentences
and fills in the
empty spaces

my tears mend the broken
words together in hopes
of a happy ending


With love, we
will conquer the world,
with faith, we
will breathe it in

And with patience, we
will turn it over
and give it new life


— You and I, STG.

My fingers are worn
from writing about you,
I have no more words.

are you happy now?

Blink-182 – I Miss You (Acoustic) (964,321 plays)



I Miss You (Acoustic) - Blink-182

My ears puked blood and overjoy the nanosecond it started.

Well this is a bit perfect

(Source: the-blink182, via joeybriner)

I think a lot of artists treat their poems/sketches/songs like horcruxes. They put a piece of their soul into it, hoping it will make them live on forever.

hey followers! I’m going to be leaving for a trip super early tomorrow, so I won’t have internet access for awhile. I should be back around August 4th so no worries; but I will miss you guys!


For Hemingway’s birthday, his timeless advice to aspiring writers


For Hemingway’s birthday, his timeless advice to aspiring writers