Starry Night

I thought I should let you know that the Creator of the stars thinks you are irreplaceable


if it is ur birthday happy birthday and if it isnt happy existing day


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I am water coloring tonight

I am water coloring tonight


Penmanship poetry #10
"Old Man"


tell me about something you have never had the courage to say. something you wish someone knew. my ask box is a place for you to vent or ask for advice whenever

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"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

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Anonymous asked: Everything aches.


that means everything’s living then. take that ache now and turn it into the first days of summer. turn it into a guitar under the right hands. turn it into a piano in the winter time. into something that aches in the best way because it reminds you how unapologetically alive you are.


I photographed dead leaves
outside my house, as if I was
a forensic psychologist.

Cause of death: natural disaster

Never has death seemed
so elegant, graceful even.
I hope they feel no shame
in their bodies.

I walk around, and see the same
scene of the crime everywhere
I go - leaves dying on my streets,
leaves dying in my soul.

And I wonder as I see others
carelessly stepping on them,
their little veins ripped apart.

Is it alright that I take pictures
of them, as they lay their silent?
By doing this, am I honoring them,
or am I insulting them?


S.T.G., sympathizing with autumn 2/?

With Halloween coming up,
I can’t help but wonder which
of my ghosts will show

I want to write a
poem when I’m drunk
because that might be
the only time I’m honest
with my thoughts